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How to get involved

CamelScan is a free Google mapping tool to help you record sightings of Feral Camels in your area. CamelScan can be used to record sightings of Feral Camels, where they are causing damage (or problems), and where control activities may have been undertaken.

1. Have you seen Feral Camels and how many?

Even if there have been several Feral Camel sightings recorded in your area, every sighting entered into CamelScan can help to build a picture about where camels are moving and feeding. If you see camels in the same location on separate days, please record each sighting. 

2. What damage (or problems) are Feral Camels causing?

Measuring the damage (or problems) caused by Feral Camels is important information to collect. By mapping the damage caused by camels, CamelScan can help to identify when, where and how best to control feral camels in order to reduce the damage they may cause in the future. In this regard, CamelScan can be a valuable mapping resource for land managers trying to prevent the damage feral camels cause.

3. Have Feral Camels been controlled in your area?

CamelScan can also be used to map where Feral Camels may have been controlled. This will help land managers understand the full range of camel management activities being undertaken - through individual landholder action as well as activities conducted under larger coordinated management programs.

Registering your details

You can enter information in CamelScan with or without registering your details. However we encourage you to Register your details in CamelScan when you enter data as this will allow you to add to (or edit) your data at a later stage, print better maps, and help us contact you if required. If you have registered but forgotten your password, please go to Forgot password.

How to enter data

Everything you need to know about entering data is contained in page How to collect and enter data. To enter data, simply click "Start Mapping" 
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