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Use your Mobile Phone to map Feral Camels

iPhone, Android and iPad users can now access CamelScan and record feral camel data much more quicky while in the field. The new Mobile Mapping Facility enables you to record sightings using your mobile phone, and examine data throughout your local area. This is a valuable addition to CamelScan and can be used by farmers, NRM groups, community groups, schools and travellers.
Visit with your mobile phone and start mapping today. 

NEW iPhone App - Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia

Mobile phone and iPad users can now access the latest information about Australia’s pest animals via the new Field Guide to Pest Animals App. Recently developed by the Invasive Animals CRC, this App contains species profiles for 31 of Australia’s worst pest animals, and includes species descriptions, photo galleries, footprints, audio calls, maps, control techniques, and quick links to plenty of pest control resources. Learn about the pest animals in your area with this new App. This App is a valuable education resource for community groups, schools, landholders and educators.

Download the App from the Apple Store ( 

Read more at (external website)

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Frequently asked questions about the Australian Feral Camel Management Project 

Why are camels a problem? Find out more >

Large populations of feral camels in Australia

There are approximately 1 to 1.2 million feral camels in Australia, and their numbers are thought to be doubling every 8-9 years. They occupy an area of approximately 3.3 million square kilometres. Find out more >

Camels can be a motor vehicle hazard

Feral camels can pose a significant hazard for motor vehicles and aircraft on landing strips. Find out more >

Interviews (from Australian Feral Camel Management Project website) 

Hear from people involved in feral camel management from the Australian Feral Camel Management Project website (external website). Find out more >

Camels are highly mobile

Feral camels occupy many different tenures: Aboriginal Lands, pastoral and mining leases, conservation lands and other Crown Land. They have the potential to travel long distances in search for water and food, sometimes as much as 200 km in a week. Find out more >
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Latest Newsletters from AFCMP

File 266

Candid camel camera's  

Read about the new motion-activated remote monitoring cameras being used to monitor camels are waterholes.
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