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Feral cat preys on native brush-tailed phascogale. Image: M Maxwell

Have you seen a feral cat recently?

Feral cats impact heavily on Australia's unique native wildlife through predation, and also spread diseases that affect humans and livestock. We have lost 28 mammals already to feral cats and another 120 native animals are at direct risk from this invasive species. 
FeralCatScan is a new project by the Invasive Animals CRC and Australian Government Department of the Environment, and is supported by communities Australia-wide to improve knowledge about feral cats to help protect Australia's threatened wildlife.
'Feral cats' are defined as those that live and reproduce in the wild (e.g. forests, woodlands, grasslands, wetlands etc) and survive by hunting or scavenging - None of their needs are satisfied intentionally by humans.
This website (and App) can be used by you to record sightings and impacts caused by feral cats in your local area. Information you record will help to identify practical and humane solutions to manage feral cats to reduce their impacts on Australia's unique and precious native wildlife.
Please be area that FeralCatScan is primarily designed for recording 'feral cats' in the landscape to reduce their impacts on native wildlife. Matters regarding domestic or stray cats in urban and peri-urban areas should be directed to your local government authority, unless otherwise directed. Information you record within FeralCatScan may also be shared with local government to help find humane and sustainable long-term solutions to feral cat management.

FeralScan wins Banksia Award

The FeralScan Program recently won a Banksia Sustainability Award for Science and Research excellence, from the Banksia Foundation and the Minister for the Environment and Energy, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP. This award reflects your commitment to improving pest animal management, and will enable us to continue to help reduce to problems caused by pest animals nationally. Thank you for your ongoing support. Read more, visit the Banksia Awards website or PestSmart Connect.

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Threat Abatement Plan for predation

by feral cats.

Department of the Environment, 2015
This threat abatement plan (TAP) establishes a national framework to guide and coordinate Australia's response to the impacts of feral cats on biodiversity. It identifies the research, management and other actions needed to ensure the long-term survival of native species and ecological communities affected by predation by feral cats. It replaces the threat abatement plan for predation by feral cats published in 2008

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If you wish to contact the coordinators of the FeralCatScan program, or have feedback you would like to share, please send an email to Mr Peter West via feralcatscan@feralscan.org.au


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