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How to collect and enter data

FeralCatScan used to record information on:
1. Sightings and numbers - where have you seen feral cats?
2. Damage - The impacts or problems they are causing.
3. Control activities - Locations where control has been undertaken.
The more information entered, the more useful the map will become.

Getting started is easy!

Follow the 3-steps below.


Step 1 Register your details

Register your details in FeralCatScan (or simply record information with a valid email address). You do not need to register but it will make it easier for you to view your own data, and enable us to keep you informed about how your data is helping to improve feral cat management in your local area.

Step 2 Record your observations

Record where you see feral cats, evidence of feral cats, impacts (such as dead native wildlife), and control activities (such as ground shooting). To enter data, select the Add Sighting tab, zoom to your current location and place a marker on the map, then insert the details of your observation in the form provided.

Step 3 Submit your record

Submit your record and view the details in the All Sightings or My Data tabs. View records in your local area entered by other community members. You can also upload your photos to the Photo Gallery and they will display on the website.

It is that simple.


Start mapping feral cats NOW!

If you need any assistance, please contact our project team via feralcatscan@feralscan.org.au
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