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How to get involved

FoxScan is a free mapping tool to help you and others with the management of foxes in your area. FoxScan can be used to record sightings of foxes, fox damage or fox control activities. The more data you enter, the more useful FoxScan will be for you and others. The information needed for FoxScan includes:

1. Where do foxes occur and how many are there?

By mapping sightings of foxes, FoxScan will be able to assess where foxes occur on a regional scale to help guide control activities at the local level. The number of foxes seen can help to decide which control techniques are suitable and where to use them. Reporting areas where no foxes have been seen is also important.
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2. What damage are foxes causing?

Fox populations should be managed in terms of the damage they are causing, not just their numbers. By mapping fox damage, FoxScan can be used to identify when, where and how to control foxes to reduce the damage they cause. The aim should be to reduce the damage foxes cause in the long term.
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3. What control is being undertaken?

Recording what control techniques have been used in your area can help to decide what to do next. Mapping where control has occurred is important for future control, and can produce useful information for others in your local area, especially if group control programs are to be successful.

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How to collect and enter data

To enter data into the FoxScan Google Map is easy. Everything you need to know is contained in the easy-to-use Online Guide. However, before entering data in FoxScan you will need to Register. Please also familiarise yourself with the Health and safety message.

Registering your details

You will need to Register your details to enter data in FoxScan. However, if you have registered to be part of RabbitScan (or any other species) you do not need to register again. Simply use your Username and Password to log in to FoxScan. 
To register, select the Register button in the top right of this page.
If you have previously registered and have forgotten your Username or Password, simply contact us via the Forgot password page.
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