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What FoxScan provides

  • FoxScan provides a freely available website for mapping sightings of foxes, recording the damage they cause, and recording what control measures have been used.
  • Whether you are a landholder, community group, landcare group, or local council, FoxScan can help you map foxes in your area, connect you with others and help you access information and resources to better manage foxes and the problems they cause.
  • By entering data about foxes, you will be able to produce a fox map for your area, and help contribute to the development of improved fox information across your region.

Map foxes in your local area to help with control

FoxScan can help you create a fox map for your area, and can help others with the management of foxes to reduce the damage they cause. FoxScan needs your assistance in recording:

  •       Sightings of foxes

  •       Damage caused by foxes in your area

  •       Fox control activities

Prevent foxes by participating in group control programs

Even if you don't consider foxes to be a problem in your area or on your property, foxes are highly mobile and can move between areas quickly. That's why everyone needs to participate in fox control programs. By participating in a collaborative fox control project, you can help landholders in your area to reduce fox numbers and the damage they cause across your entire region, and help to protect native wildlife from fox predation. Before controlling foxes, it is essential to know a few facts. Mapping where foxes occur, recording what damage they cause, and recording what control has been undertaken are needed to coordinate control programs, and to address major gaps in our knowledge in Australia. FoxScan needs your advice and experience to help with the fox problem.

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