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Common Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are an introduced bird in Australia that causes enormous damage to agricultural industries, the environment, infrastructure, water resources, human health and urban areas. Horticulture industries are particularly susceptible, such as cherries, grapes, olives, stone fruits, apples, pears, blueberries, and many varieties of vegetables. Cereal crops are also regularly damaged by starlings. They also displace our native wildlife. Little is known about the total damage costs associated with Starlings in Australia, but research has shown that pest birds cause over $300 million damage annually, and Starlings are a major culprit. StarlingScan is a free mapping service that you can use to help with Starling control in your local area.

How can you use StarlingScan?

  • Record and view all your records of Starlings, their damage and control activities all in the one place!
  • Upload your photos of Starlings and their activity and view them in the photo gallery
  • Use the data from your local area to create and print a map
  • Talk with your neighbours and compare your results
  • Identify the priority areas for control on your property and in your local area
  • Link with local groups and coordinate your resources
  • Find out who may be able to help you with Starling control
  • Monitor the effects of control programs and prove their effectiveness
  • Review your data to see changes over time
  • Inform your community about Starling problems.
Whether you are a landholder, orchardist, landcare or community group, local council or school, StarlingScan can help you map Starling areas, access resources, connect with other people, and find out about available support. Join StarlingScan to map Starlings in your local area and help build information about their numbers across your region.
StarlingScan has been developed to help our community to map where Starlings occur in our landscape, and it can be used to identify actions that could be taken to reduce starling damage (such as netting of fruit trees) in your area.

You can help by recording:

1. Sightings of Starlings in your area

2. The damage Starlings are causing in your area

3. Control activities in your area


Starlings flocking around sheep, source R Sinclair
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Use weed matting in your gardens and around fruit trees to prevent Starlings from digging through mulch and making a mess. Rodney (Tasmania).   
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