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Identifying Starlings


Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) are a small-medium sized bird approximately 21.5cm long and weighing around 70 - 100 grams. males and females look similar in appearance and juveniles are generally more grey/brown in colouration. The feathers or adults are iridescent green/purple and glossy. White flecks are common across the body, head and wings. The wings are black. Beak is blackish in colour,except duyring breeding when it is yellow.


Common to agricultural areas, coastal areas, some woodlands, grasslands and grazing land, riparian zones, disturbed, scrub/shrublands, rubbish tips, peri-urban and urban areas, wetlands and creeks.

Eggs and nests

Four to five pale blue eggs laid in nest cavity usually lined with sticks, leaves, hair, feathers and fur. Large masses of nesting material may be used in roof cavities over successive seasons.

Starling call

An unmusical collection of wheezy whistles, clicks, scratching notes and some mimicry of other bird calls. Listen to the call (click the Starling image below)




Or via the Birds in Backyards website (click link below)

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Use weed matting in your gardens and around fruit trees to prevent Starlings from digging through mulch and making a mess. Rodney (Tasmania).   
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