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Damage and control

Feral goats are a serious pest species in Australia They cause significant agricultural damage, environmental problems and impact on our communities and cultural assets. They can  significantly alter vegetation communities, degrade landscapes and reduce the productive capacity of farmland. They cause an estimated $7.7 million damage to Australia’s agricultural industries and economy each year, and they occur in all states and territories and on many coastal islands. Once established, feral goat populations can be difficult to control. 
Their impacts are so significant that 'Competition and land degradation by unmanaged feral goats' has been listed as a key threatening process under Commonwealth legislation, and a National Threat Abatement Plan (TAP) has been prepared to guide management, research and control. See http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/publications/tap/goats08.html
Farmers, communities and governments also invest valuable resources and time addressing the problems caused by feral goats, and undertaking control to prevent damage to resources/assets.
There are many techniques available to control feral goats. The main techniques include:
  • Ground shooting of feral goats
  • Aerial shooting of feral goats
  • Mustering of feral goats
  • Trapping of feral goats
  • Use of Judas goats
  • Various exclusion fencing styles.
For further information, see Control techniques and best practice.
*Note, the best results are generally achieved where an integrated approach is adopted, where a range of control techniques are used.   
Farmers, communities and governments can work collaboratively to control feral goat populations and manage the problems they cause, but updated information is required on feral goats and where they are causing significant damage in order to effectively manage their populations.
Feral goat, source P OBrien Feral goats, source unknown
Measuring (or recording) the damage and problems caused by feral goats can help to work out where, when, why and how much damage is occurring, and should be used in planning how to control the pest.

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  • Mustering feral goats can remove a large number of animals in one go - Geoff 
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