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What FeralGoatScan provides

FeralGoatScan provides:

  • A website on feral goats providing useful information on the pest animal, their impacts, control techniques and where to go for assistance
  • A mapping tool to help anyone map feral goats, the damage (or problems) they cause, and areas where control is being undertaken.
  • A database of Australia-wide feral goat records showing trends in reported data and problems, and locations where communities are coming together to tackle the problem

Why we need to come together to control feral goats

Feral goats are a serious introduced pest species in Australia. They cause an estimated $7.7 million ecomony damage in Australia each year. They cause direct damage to agricultural productivity and threaten food security, impact on land degradation and damage food production systems, degrade habitats and native vegetation, damage culturally significant sites, damage sources of bush tucker, and compete with livestock. Management of feral goats and the damage they cause (eg. fence damage) requires ongoing investment. Feral goats may also pose a serious exotic disease risk (such as Foot-and-Mouth Disease) if accidently introduced to Australia. In some regions, feral goat populations are also commercially harvested to provide financial return to land managers. Unless careully managed, goats can have adverse affects on the land irrespective of harvesting activities. For further information on the impacts of feral goats, see Feral goat damage - an overview.
Landholders, pest control officers, local government and researchers can work together to manage feral goats to reduce the damage they cause and risks they pose to agricultural industries and our environment. Gathering baseline data (through FeralGoatScan) on where feral goats occur and what problems they cause is an important step in this process.

Map sightings of feral goats, damage and control activities in your area

You can help by recording sightings of feral goats, and recording the damage/problems caused by this pest in your area. This could include incidental sightings (one-off), or more regular data gathered over time. Information recorded in FeralGoatScan can be used to help coordinate local control activities, with the aim of reducing the problems feral goats cause in your local area. 

You can use FeralGoatScan to create and print a map of your area. Importantly, it can be a useful resource to help coordinate on-ground control or actions to prevent the problems caused by feral goats (eg. fence damage) in your area.
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  • Mustering feral goats can remove a large number of animals in one go - Geoff 
  • Email your control tips to feralgoatscan@feralscan.org.au and we’ll display them here
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