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Funding grants and opportunities


Funding and support that may be available in your area

It is important to keep a watch for possible funding opportunities to help with feral goat control in your region. Many existing control programs rely on landholders and the support of local pest control groups. Feral goats are a major pest species that threaten agricultural production, our environment and communities. They could present a risk for exotic disease (such as foot-and-mouth disease) if it were accidently introduced to Australia.
Some potential avenues for funding are listed below. Ensure you contact your neighbours, relevant state/territory government agency, regional NRM group, and local pest control groups in your area to find out whether you (or others in your area) are eligible for funding or other support resources. Working to control feral goats in a group is the best way to reduce their numbers and the damage they cause in your region.
South Australian NRM funding http://www.nrm.sa.gov.au/Funding.aspx  
Community Action Grants: www.nrm.gov.au/cag/index.html
Caring for our Country 2010-11 Business Plan: www.nrm.gov.au
Australian Pest Animal Research Program: http://www.daff.gov.au/abares/aparp/funding-under-aparp
Grants and assistance (DAFF): www.daff.gov.au/about/current-grants
Grants and funding (DSEWPC): www.environment.gov.au/about/programs/index.html
Grantslink: www.grantslink.gov.au/

2011 National Environment Grants Guide (Order book here):
Landcare (via Landcare Online): www.landcareonline.com.au/?page_id=91
Check with your local council, and local NRM (CMA) regional group - Other possible funding or incentive programs may be available for pest animal control in your area.  

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  • Mustering feral goats can remove a large number of animals in one go - Geoff 
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