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PestSmart Roadshow 2012 - New products for pest control

Invasive animals cost Australia more than a billion dollars annually.  For your personal update on research and management developments to control invasive animals such as wild dogs, rabbits, foxes, feral pigs and carp, the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre for the first time is bringing the PestSmart Roadshow to a place near you in 2012.

The PestSmart Roadshow is carried out in conjunction with the Invasive Animals CRC partners Australian Wool Innovation, Meat and Livestock Australia and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.  It will criss-cross the country with 17 events starting in Queanbeyan on 30 January and ending in Townsville on 1 May 2012.

The Roadshow will also showcase the PestSmart Toolkits – which is a national online collection of invasive species information.  At all times before, between and after these Roadshow dates, the Invasive Animals CRC encourages graziers, farmers, public land managers and others with responsibility to control invasive animals to visit the PestSmart website:

www.feral.org.au/pestsmart/ and www.feral.org.au/pestsmart/roadshow

New products to be covered include the following:
  • For wild dogs and foxes:
    PAPP baits, Blue-Healer™ antidote , M-44 ejectors and Lethal Trap Devices
  • For feral pigs:
    PIGOUT®, PIGOUT® Econobait, HOG-GONE®, HogHopper™, and a nitrite concentrate
  • For rabbits:
    carbon monoxide fumigator and freeze-dried Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease for carrots
  • For foxes and cats:
    spray tunnel technology
  • For rodents:

For more information, please see the website at www.feral.org.au/pestsmart/roadshow  or phone Suzy Balogh 0418 417 943, email: suzy.balogh@invasiveanimals.com

Bookings, see http://pestsmart.eventbrite.com.au/  

DOWNLOAD the Roadshow Calendar here (PDF 324KB)

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