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Have you seen Myna birds in your local area?

MynaScan is a community website that allows you to record and map sightings of myna birds, their impacts, and control activities in your local area. Use MynaScan data to help decide where to control myna birds in your local area.
If you have seen myna birds in your area, record them in MynaScan today:

Do you need MynaScan brochures?

Do you need an information flyer about Myna Birds for your local community? We have a FREE hand-copy MynaScan brochure (download PDF) that can be used to identify Myna Birds, and describes how to report sightings via MynaScan. To request these brochures, please email and we will send you these brochures free-of-charge.


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How to get involved

Simply register and login to record the location of myna birds in your local area on the MynaScan Google Map. Information entered can help to coordinate myna bird control activities.

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How to reduce the impacts of myna birds

Hear from Sam (Bush Crew member) at Banyule City Council (Victoria) about her advice for reducing the impacts of myna birds - Watch this short YouTube clip

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Do you have a video clip to share on MynaScan? Email the details to 

Bring your community online

MynaScan hosts a new community facility. By creating or joining a group, you can (1) keep members informed about current problems, (2) work together with members to target problem areas, and (3) measure the outcomes of control across your local area.
Use your mobile phone

Use your Mobile Phone to map Myna Birds

CMAs connected

Regional groups connected to MynaScan

Reducing Myna bird impacts is best achieved when control is coordinated at local and regional scales. Catchment groups, regional biosecurity groups, and local councils are now connecting to MynaScan. Use MynaScan in your local area to help keep your regional group(s) informed about myna bird problem areas.
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  • Never approach traps during daylight hours as trapped myna birds may give an alarm call that other birds will hear. Thereafter they may perceive the trap as a threat - Bill Handke
  • Make sure there is plenty of food, water and shelter in your myna bird trap - Happy lure birds (callers) will attract others - Nick K
  • Email your top control tips to and we’ll display them here RabbitScan WildDogScan FeralCatScan FoxScan FeralPigScan MynaScan MouseAlert CamelScan FeralGoatScan ToadScan FeralFishScan StarlingScan DeerScan
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