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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What MynaScan provides

Myna birds are listed by the International World Conservation Union (IUCN) as one of the world's 100 worst invasive species. They are recognised as a threat to many native species and also damage fruit crops, orchards, vineyards, and feed on stock food in rural areas. They are a threat to human health, and are considered a nuisance in cities all over the world.

MynaScan is a free resource for the public, farmers, community groups, Landcare groups, local councils, professional pest controllers, and biosecurity groups. Anyone can use MynaScan to record information about myna birds. The more information you record, the more useful MynaScan will become for planning myna bird control.


What to record


Record myna bird activity

You can record sightings and evidence of myna birds, including roost sites, nesting sites, and general observations of them. You can also upload photos.

Record damage and problems they cause

Record the damage or problems they cause, such as scavenging around homes or outdoor eating areas, fowling water, nesting in roof cavities, or damage to fruit trees.

Record control activities

Such as location where control has been undertaken, e.g. trapping, free feeding and trapping results.

The more information you record, the more useful the MynaScan map will become for you, your neighbours, your community, and local authorities helping people to manage myna birds.


Benefits of using MynaScan 

MynaScan can be used to help people manage local myna bird populations. Some benefits include:
Understand myna activity in your local area. You can use MynaScan to record information about myna birds in your local area, and view records from other people to learn about myna bird movements and hot spots.
Alert your local biosecurity groupIf you record myna information into MynaScan, this can be used to automatically alert your local biosecurity group about myna birds at your location. They might be able to involve you in future control program, such as coordinated trapping.
Keep a record of where you are undertaking controlPeople are using MynaScan to record all of their monitoring and control activities (such as trapping). All control data is managed securely and privately.
Work together with your neighboursMynaScan can be used to help inform people about myna birds in the area, and can help people work together to undertake control. 

How to use MynaScan

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Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016