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Myna birds are an introduced pest that impact on our biodiversity, primary producers, and our urban landscapes. MynaScan is a new community website that allows you to map myna bird sightings, myna damage and control activities associated with myna's in your area. Anyone can use the MynaScan website anywhere in Australia. The MynaScan website can be used to assist communities, local government, and pest controllers to control myna birds and reduce the damage/problems they cause. MynaScan is a free mapping service that you can use to help with myna bird control in your local area.

How can you use MynaScan?

  • Record and view all your records of Myna birds, their damage and control activities all in the one place!
  • Upload your photos of myna birds and their activity and view them in the photo gallery
  • Use the data from your local area to create and print a map
  • Talk with your neighbours and compare your results
  • Identify the priority areas for control on your property and in your local area
  • Link with local groups and coordinate your resources
  • Find out who may be able to help you with myna bird management
  • Monitor the effects of control programs and prove their effectiveness
  • Review your data to see changes over time
  • Inform your community about myna bird problems.

Whether you are a landholder, landcare or community group, local council or school, MynaScan can help you map myna birds, access resources, connect with other people, and find out about available support. Join MynaScan to map myna birds in your local area and help build information about myna birds across your region.

Myna bird populations are increasing in numbers and are spreading into many new urban, peri-urban and rural areas. You can help prevent their spread and the problems they cause by recording:

1. Myna bird sightings in your area

2. The damage or problems caused by mynas in your area

3. Any control activities that are occurring for mynas in your area

This website is provided for communities tackling the myna bird invasion, and your support is needed.
Image by A Tatnell

Source: Andrew Tatnell

FeralScan Citizen Science project

The MynaScan project is part of an Australia-wide FeralScan Citizen Science Program designed to support landholders, community groups, and anyone with a feral or pest animal problem anywhere in Australia. The project is an initiative of the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IA CRC) in partnership with Industry & Investment NSW (formerly NSW Department of Primary Industries), Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, Woolworths, Toshiba, Landcare Australia, Western Catchment Management Authority (NSW), Ninti One Limited, the ABC, and community groups Australia-wide.

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  • Never approach traps during daylight hours as trapped myna birds may give an alarm call that other birds will hear. Thereafter they may perceive the trap as a threat - Bill Handke
  • Make sure there is plenty of food, water and shelter in your myna bird trap - Happy lure birds (callers) will attract others - Nick K
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