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About RabbitScan

Rabbits are one of Australia’s most widespread and destructive environmental and agricultural vertebrate pests. They cause over $200 million damage to Australia’s agricultural and pastoral industries each year. Farmers, governments and communities need to come together to manage the problems they cause and prevent rabbit populations from increasing further. RabbitScan is a free mapping service that you can use to help with rabbit control in your local area.

How can you use RabbitScan?

  • Record and view all your records of rabbits, their damage and control activities all in the one place!
  • Upload your photos of rabbits and their activity and view them in the photo gallery
  • Use the data from your local area to create and print a map
  • Talk with your neighbours and compare your results
  • Identify the priority areas for control on your property and in your local area
  • Link with local groups and coordinate your resources
  • Find out who may be able to help you with rabbit management
  • Monitor the effects of control programs and prove their effectiveness
  • Review your data to see changes over time
  • Inform your community about rabbit problems.

Whether you are a landholder, landcare or community group, local council or school, RabbitScan can help you map rabbits, access resources, connect with other people, and find out about available support. Join RabbitScan to map rabbits in your local area and help build information about rabbits across your region.

Numbers are increasing Australia-wide

Rabbit populations are increasing across Australia (largely due to widespread rainfall), and farmers, communities, and researchers are worried they are making a come-back.


Image source D Croft
Source: Peter Bird, Quinyambie Station, SA 1988
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