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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What RabbitScan provides

Rabbits are one of Australia’s most widespread and destructive pest animals. They cause over $200 million damage to Australia’s agricultural and pastoral industries each year. Farmers, governments and communities are working together to manage the problems that rabbits cause. RabbitScan is a valuable community resource that can be used to help people work together to manage rabbits.

RabbitScan is a free resource for farmers, community groups, Landcare groups, pest controllers, local councils, biosecurity groups and researchers. Anyone can use RabbitScan to record and view information about local rabbit populations. You can use RabbitScan to monitor and record rabbit activity (such as rabbit warren hot-spots), map areas where damage is most severe (such as erosion gullies), and document where you are controlling rabbits on your property or throughout your local area. You may also be able to assess the scale of the problem, seek support for coordinating and implementing control, and monitor rabbits after control programs.


What you can record in RabbitScan


Document the rabbit problem

By recording information about rabbits on your property (or throughout your local area), you can start to define the scale of the rabbit problem. You can start by mapping any active rabbit warrens, and recording where rabbits seem to be causing damage or problems. RabbitScan is currently being used in this way by individuals, landholder groups (including Landcare Groups), pest control professionals, local councils, and biosecurity groups.

Develop a rabbit map for planning control

By documenting rabbit problem areas, you can identify how many resources will be needed to undertake an effective rabbit control program, and even prioritise areas for control. People are using RabbitScan to produce a map for planning control programs (including warren ripping, baiting, fumigation and harbour removal).

Seek assistance with control programs

If you work with your local community to develop a detailed map of rabbit problems, this can be used to seek support (or funding) to assist you with control programs at your location.

Document control

To allow you to check back later to evaluate whether control outcomes were achieved, and whether follow-up control is needed.

Help protect your neighbours and community

Rabbits can progressively expand into neighbouring areas. Sometimes the fact that rabbits (including rabbit warrens) are present is not well known by land managers. By recording information about rabbit activity, this information can be used to notify your neighbours to prevent rabbit problems from getting worse.

All information regarding control is managed privately.

Work together with your neighbours

Landholders are reporting that they get the best results when they control rabbits at the same time as their neighbours. RabbitScan can be used to help you to work together to undertake control.

How to use RabbitScan


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