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How to create an online group

Follow 3 steps to create an online closed group

1. Register your group name

  • Nominate a person to register your group name and administer the membership of the group.

2. Invite people into your new Group

  • Using the Invite Members button, enter the email addresses of people you want in the Group.
  • Type a short message, and hit Send.

3. View all records from members

  • Once members receive your email invitation, they can Accept your invitation by logging into FeralScan. From there, all members will be able view the Wild Dog records (including control activities) of the entire group on the map.
  • To view all records, open the map, login and select your group name under Display Settings.

Send your group Alert Notifications (optional)

To give members of your group updates about local Wild Dog problems and activity, send an email to feralscan@feralscan.org.au 

Benefits can include

For existing groups such as a Wild Dog Control Associations, Landcare Groups or Local Governments, this resource could be very beneficial.
  1. View Wild Dog records from all member of your group, including control actions
  2. Keep informed about local Wild Dog problems in your local area
  3. Plan and coordinate control together
  4. Keep local biosecurity authorities informed about current Wild Dog issues
  5. Target Wild Dog activity hot-spots
  6. Measure the outcomes of Wild Dog control

Assistance is available

For further information or support, contact feralscan@feralscan.org.au 
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