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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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Cane toads are a major pest throughout Australia. Help protect people, domestic pets and native wildlife from the impacts of cane toads. Report sightings immediately!

What ToadScan provides

ToadScan is a free resource for landholders, Landcare groups, community groups, local Councils, professional pest controllers and biosecurity groups. It has been designed by landholders for communities.

Help protect native species- record cane toads:

  • Sightings (e.g. adults, eggs, calls)
  • Photos of toads
  • Impacts (e.g. pet poisoning)
  • Control (hand collection)

Benefits of using ToadScan

  • Help map cane toad populations in your local area
  • Protect our native wildlife
  • Alert local biosecurity authorities
  • Involve your community in coordinated control
  • Prevent cane toads from spreading further


Case Studies - coming soon

Learn about some of the great results being achieved by local communities with control of cane toads to reduce the impacts they cause.

Tell us how you use FeralScan so we can share your story with others- Contact us

NSW prevents further spread

Help stop the spread of cane toads throughout NSW. A Cane Toad Biosecurity Zone has now been declared for NSW to prevent them from spreading further.

If you have seen a cane toad within the Biosecurity Zone recently (marked red on the map to the left), report sightings immediately.

Information you provide will help local groups to take action to prevent cane toads from colonising new areas.

Click here to report a sighting

Peter West from FeralScan is here to help.

Support is available

If you would like assistance with ToadScan, please contact us.

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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016

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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016