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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What ToadScan provides

Cane toads are a major threat to Australia's native wildlife (such as birds, lizards, quolls, frogs, fish and freshwater crocodiles). Cane toads can also impact domestic animals (such as dogs) if they are exposed to poison secreted from glands on the cane toads back. If you come into contact with cane toad poison, seek medical advice immediately.

Record cane toads in your area

ToadScan can be used by anyone to record sightings or problems with cane toads. Information you record can be used by individuals or groups to manage toad populations to lessen the impacts they cause. ToadScan can also be used to help alert people about new populations of cane toads, thereby helping people to prevent problems caused by toads.

What you can record or view in ToadScan

  1. Sightings, number of animals and life stages of cane toads
  2. Damage caused by cane toads, such as poisoning of wildlife or domestic pets.
  3. Control activities, such as hand-collection, trapping or toad musters.

How to identify a cane toad

Check the Cane Toad identification page - if you are confident you have seen a cane toad, report it here.

The more information you enter, the more useful the Cane Toad map will become for you, your neighbours, and local authorities helping people to manage cane toads.


Benefits of using ToadScan

Help to develop a local map of cane toad populations - By recording sightings, ToadScan can develop a map of local cane toad populations, including hot-spots or areas where they might be spreading. This could help with coordinating local targeted control, or could simply help people prevent local impacts from cane toads.
 Help protect our native animals - Your report could be used by your neighbours, community or local authorities to help protect native animals from being poisoned or preyed on by cane toads. Every report of a cane toad sighting is important, and could save the live of a domestic pet or native animal.
Alert your local biosecurity group - By recording cane toad sightings, your report can help to quickly inform local biosecurity organisations about cane toad populations.Preventing cane toads from spreading can stop them from colonising new areas.

Community action can help to control cane toads - Community involvement in local control campaigns (involving land managers such as local councils) can help to reduce populations, reduce the damage toads cause, and help prevent them from spreading further into new areas.


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How to use ToadScan?

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