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What ToadScan provides


ToadScan provides

  • A website containing the latest cane toad information, online resources, links to local groups and community cane toad control programs.
  • A mapping tool to help you map sightings of cane toads, record cane toad impacts (such as conflicts with domestic pets), and record control activities in your local area - This will help with the management of cane toads.
  • A database of Australia-wide cane toad records showing trends in reported data and problems, and locations where communities are coming together to tackle the problem.

Why we need to come together to control cane toads

Cane toads 
are a major threat to Australia's wonderful biodiversity. They poison animals that attempt to eat them (such as quolls, goannas, frogs, snakes, fish, freshwater crocodiles, and egrets), including domestic pets, and also prey on many smaller native animals (frogs, lizards, insects). Cane toads also cause many problems in urban areas (fouling water, drinking troughs, swimming pools and drains).

One of the best strategies for controlling cane toads is through organised community-led 'Toad Musters’ - where people come together to search for, collect and humanely euthanise cane toads from their local area. Toad Musters are the main control method for cane toads, have been widely used in NSW and northern Australia and can help to reduce toad populations and slow the colonisation of new areas. In order to coordinate these activities (or use other control methods, such as trapping), it is important to know where cane toads are, how many are in a given area and what the damage or problem is to ensure that the control activity achieves its goal. The aim of control is to reduce their numbers and reduce their impacts on wildlife and domestic animals. Community groups have been mobilized in an effort to reduce the spread of toad in NSW, Queensland and across northern Australia. Data recorded in ToadScan can help to coordinate Toad Musters where they are most needed.

Map sightings of cane toads, impacts and control activities in your area

You can help by recording sightings of cane toads, and recording the damage/problems caused by toads in your area. This will help to coordinate local control activities, protect native wildlife and pets, and also help to inform others about how to prevent cane toads is their area. You can use ToadScan to create and print a map of your area. Importantly, it can be a useful resource to help coordinate on-ground control or actions to prevent the problems caused by cane toads (eg exclusion fencing) in your area.
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  • Trapping cane toads can be done with Light Traps that attract bugs at night - Marion
  • Email your top control tips to and we’ll display them on this website RabbitScan WildDogScan FeralCatScan FoxScan FeralPigScan MynaScan MouseAlert CamelScan FeralGoatScan ToadScan FeralFishScan StarlingScan DeerScan
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