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This is a pilot version of DeerScan. If you are not part of the testing team, please do not use this website.


What is DeerScan?

A website thay you can use to map sightings of deer in the wild and the damage (or problems) they are causing in your local area. DeerScan is dedicated for landholders and community.

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How to get involved?

Simply register your details (name and email address) and login to start mapping Deer in your local area on the DeerScan Google Map. Information entered can help to coordinate control of this introduced pest species.

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Create your own Deer map

You can create a Deer map of data recorded in your area. This can be used to plan a control program, monitor the outcomes of control, or inform others about deer problems in your area.

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Deer success stories


Hear about the achievements of others in controlling deer and the benefits they have seen. Working together to reduce deer populations as low as possible can have lasting benefits. Have you got a story you can share?

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Identifying deer species 

Do you know how to identify the different deer speceis in Australia?

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Recent Records

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