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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What DeerScan provides

Deer are an introduced species that cause significant damage to pastures, crops, orchards, residential gardens, environmentally sensitive areas, and native vegetation. They can also present a hazard to motorists.
DeerScan is a free resource that anyone can use to record sightings of deer, report the damage (or problems) they cause, and record control actionsIt has been developed to address the growing problem with free-ranging populations of deer in Australia, and it is intended to assist landholders, communities, government, industry and pest controllers to use data on deer to support strategic pest management. Deer are increasingly encroaching on urban and residential settings, and they are causing significant human-wildlife conflicts. Data entered into DeerScan can be used to identify strategies for cost-effective deer control. If you see deer in your local area, report your sighting via DeerScan.

Record sightings and problems caused by deer easily and quickly into DeerScan using the website or App.

Information you record can help with the humane, justified and effective control of deer populations.


Alert your local biosecurity group.

If you record deer sightings or damage (such as a motor vehicle collision), the information you enter can be used to automatically alert your local biosecurity group about the issue at your location. This can help authorities to take action, or support your community organisation.

Help protect your community from feral deer problems.

Such as motorway accidents, damage to farmland, destruction of residential gardens, and damage to the environment. If you record deer sightings or problems with deer, this information can be used to automatically notify your community or landholder network about deer activity. This may include the involvement of professional pest controllers.


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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016

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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016