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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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How to use the website

Information you can enter 

DeerScan is a purpose-built community website and App for recording deer sightings, damage and control actions.

Sightings or evidence of deer

Such as the species of deer, observations or direct sightings, hoof prints, scats, deer calls, or camera photos. The more information you record, the more useful the deer map will become over time. Trends in movement will start to emerge, which can be used to decide where control should be undertaken.

Deer impacts or problems

Such as damage to native vegetation, destruction of residential gardens, crop damage, damage to vineyards, and damage to motor vehicles etc. By recording the damage caused by deer, local authorities can become more informed about where and when problems are occurring - This can help to guide local control programs.

Control activities

Activities may include the use of fences or acoustic deterrents, trapping and ground-based shooting. Recording control activities can help you to keep a record of what methods have been used, and can help you to document how much effort is required to reduce the problems deer cause.

All information regarding control is managed privately.

How to view records on the map

To view your records; (1) Log in on the website then open the map, (2) Zoom to your local area and click on the markers to read their details.


How to enter new records 

To add a new record; (1) Select the 'Record Data' button, select the type of data you wish to enter, and click on the map to place your record marker, (2) Answer the questions in the form then submit your entry.


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Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016

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Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016